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Happy 2015!

Left Column: Tappan XC Foolin’ at FestiFools First day ever walking to school ??? Middle Column: Crazy Hair Day Got game? You should see the other guy! Jumping for joy at Camp Tavor Right Column: Chalk artist Art in his jeans Heidelberg Project Halloween haul We miss The Wafel Shop.

Happy 2014!

Left Column: “The Rookie” (Sabotage) 7,588 … 7,589 … 7,590 … Mickey Mouse Hair Guitar Middle Column: In the D Private Eye Heidelberg Project “Who, me?” Right Column: Tough Guy PhD in FestiFools Studies Jimi Hendrix? The Mishpocha

Happy 2013!

Left: Foolin’ at FestiFools Electric! Face-paint fright Dennis the Menace Middle: Climbing pines Clown + Nerd + Goth + Waldo = ? Throwback Charmer Right: Swami Fierce Ultimate player The young scholar Globetrotter wannabe   Some of my favorite “Relish” events during the first half of 2013: Pioneer Theatre Guild’s FutureStars Preliminaries: January 11 + 12 | Finals: January 19 Burns Park Players celebrates 30 years: Anything Goes February...

Happy 2012!

Left: The Amazing Mustache Man Foolin’ at FestiFools Harpo makes Whoopee Strange Fruit understudy Middle: Alliums at Columbus Circle, NYC Totally Succeeding in Biz Undercover in NYC FauxHawk Right: Root beer at Top of the Park Future Ultimate player Loving da funk at FoolMoon Badass Rocker   Some of my favorite “Relish” events during the first half of 2012: Pioneer Theatre Guild’s FutureStars Preliminaries: January 13 +...

Happy 2011!

Left: Channeling Harpo FestiFools Frond™ prototype Blue Steel Thug BMOC @ Hogwarts Middle: Burns Park Players (set crew) Kid Frankenstein South U. graffiti garden Après-FestiFools Right: Antitrust Violator-in-Training Summer Festival vogue-er “Follow[s] the Fold” Credentialed!  

Happy 2010!

Happy 2009!

Happy 2008!

Finally Coming Up for Air

Happy Holidays! You can probably guess that the absence of a Relish entry for over a month had something to do with my (harried) fixation on getting orders done in time for the holidays. Let me tell you, I’m delighted to be writing again. 2007 was a monumental year for Myra Klarman...
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I’m a professional photographer specializing in studio and lifestyle portraits of children, families, high school seniors, and performing artists. I live in Ann Arbor with my husband, Rich, and our 21-year-old son, Max. Learn more about my portrait and headshot services at Myra Klarman Photography.

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