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Halloween 2012

Max has not only become fixated on a TV show that debuted in 1959, but zealously promotes it to everyone within earshot. He’s enticed countless Ann Arbor grade-schoolers — and even a couple of Brooklynites [Iris and Nate, I’m talking to you!] — to join the cult of “Dennis the...

Halloween 2009

The election and MLB World Series are now officially over, and everyone here has adjusted to the time change. Finally, we feel at liberty to turn our attention back to Halloween. This year, Max had his heart set on dressing up as a guy from Star Wars — and he would...

Halloween 2008

Pardon this late posting about our Halloween. With the election and my peak season, I’ve been monumentally distracted. Fortunately, the statute of limitations is a week, so we’re good. What a glorious night it was — we had the most perfect weather. This Halloween was the 5th anniversary of Max, Lyd,...

Halloween 2007

The last half hour before trick-or-treating always rushes by in a matter of seconds. Shovel something nutritious down our throats, throw on the costumes and make-up, go to the bathroom, don’t forget a raincoat, our friends are here, time to go… I didn’t dress up. But I had the great...
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I’m a professional photographer specializing in studio and lifestyle portraits of children, families, high school seniors, and performing artists. I live in Ann Arbor with my husband, Rich, and our 21-year-old son, Max. Learn more about my portrait and headshot services at Myra Klarman Photography.

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