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Last Call: Step Right Up!

I wasn’t intending to revisit the Gallery Project’s fundraising exhibit, Step Right Up. But my friend Abby really wanted to have portraits of herself taken while she posed among several installations. So we made a date of it. First we had lunch at Eastern Accents (where we ran into 24...

Gallery Project: Step Right Up!

I took a break from working on orders yesterday to join Mary Morgan in visiting the Gallery Project space on S. Fourth Ave., where artists are in the process of installing their pieces for a new show that starts tomorrow, December 10. I don’t normally cover (non-performing) art, but this...

Dawn Inspires

Chicago children’s photographer Dawn M. Mikulich has inspired me since I first saw her work on flickr. (How long ago? Mommy-brain has killed a few too many neurons… but I’m pretty sure it was more than 2 years ago.) We’ve since become good friends. Dawn started her child photography business about...

Portraits on Display at Kerrytown

If you’d like to see samples of my portrait work up-close, take a tour of Kerrytown Market & Shops. I have displays on the 1st and 2nd floors, and along all three stairways. Many people ask to see samples of the modern gallery-wrapped canvases — these are hung upstairs, across from...
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I’m a professional photographer specializing in studio and lifestyle portraits of children, families, high school seniors, and performing artists. I live in Ann Arbor with my husband, Rich, and our 21-year-old son, Max. Learn more about my portrait and headshot services at Myra Klarman Photography.

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