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From Concentrate | Photo *of* Myra Klarman — Concentrate managing photographer David Lewinski was very kind to me.
Concentrate managing photographer David Lewinski was very kind to me.

I want to thank Concentrate for a very generous feature about my photography work. I love the intro blurb:

If Ann Arbor has a community photographer it’s Myra Klarman. Not because she takes wonderfully vibrant snaps of kids and families (she does). Or because she’s the official photographer for A2’s Summer Festival. It’s because she seems hellbent on capturing the spunk and soul of the city in projects like her blog, Relish.

I’ve never had an easy time describing what I do — and it’s true, I really don’t like having my picture taken. So I can’t possibly thank writer Leia Menlove and managing photographer David Lewinski enough for how easy they made the whole experience, or for how skillfully and beautifully they portrayed me. I ran into a friend today who was certain that Leia and I must have known each other before she interviewed me for the feature — that’s how well she “got me.”

If you’ve discovered my blog through the Concentrate article, welcome! The Relish Archive is a great place to get a sense of what’s here.

And if you’re just now discovering Concentrate, browse their featured stories archive. Get ready to learn about some very creative individuals and organizations making waves in Washtenaw County. The feature on me — in their “Mastermind” column, no less — puts me in some very esteemed company. I’m humbled and honored!



You are so cool! So groovy! So bonita-licious! Great write up, pretty picture with you wearing my fav-o-rite top…See you tomorrow?? Big ole hug, LG

What a great write-up! You’re worth it, and your portrait looks great, Myra.

#2 Kjirsten

Congratulations. You look wonderful.

#3 toyfoto

you-on the other side of the camera with your camera! love this ,and you are so deserving!

#4 carol

Absolutely beautiful! What a fabulous honor to have such wonderful words written about you! :)

#5 Candy

Thanks, Myra! What a great thing to say about the article.

But it’s YOU who are so easy to write about, because you’re so much fun.



#6 Miss Leia

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