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FoolMoon 2016

You’ve heard of Christmas in July, right? Well, how about April Fools’ Day in June? We decided to do a little social science experiment: In today’s 5-nanosecond news cycle, how would people respond to photographs taken three months ago? Please add your comments below, so we can honestly claim to...

FoolMoon 2015

Weather forecast for FoolMoon 2015: 70% chance of rain through the evening, then clearing up. The 5th annual FoolMoon street party answered a series of questions that I hadn’t even thought to ask until 8:15pm, Friday April 10, 2015. To wit: What would happen if it began raining just as the...

FoolMoon 2014

At 7:30pm, I was feeling a bit unsure about the impending FoolMoon. The weather was living up to the dire forecast — cold, drizzly, and gusty. And the customary throngs of luminary-wielding townsfolk were — not merely by coincidence, it seemed to me — nowhere to be seen out in...

FoolMoon 2013

It was great to see so many veteran and first-time Fools participating in FoolMoon 2013. Their energy was amazing — enthusiastic, creative, welcoming, friendly, and, as always, totally Foolish! Also, the weather more than cooperated, which isn’t something we in Ann Arbor take for granted. I’ve said much more in...

FoolMoon 2012

The weather wasn’t nearly as warm as last year’s inaugural FoolMoon, but we were all thanking our lucky stars that it was at least dry. Precipitation, of any variety, may not have dampened the spirits of the most FoolHardy, but I fear it would have kept a lot of the...

A Mad Dash towards FoolMoon + FestiFools 2012

Without a moment to spare, here’s my annual, behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at the making of Ann Arbor’s Weekend of Foolishness. The weekend kicks off with tomorrow evening’s FoolMoon, which debuted last year (FoolMoon 2011) and instantly took its rightful place in the pantheon of not-to-be-missed happenings in Ann Arbor. FestiFools “occupies”...

FoolMoon 2011

Wow! The very first FoolMoon event was a crazy success — what a massive outpouring of creativity (HUNDREDS of people made their own luminary sculptures and brought them out to the street), soul-thumpin’ beats (big ups to Vulf Duo, JUICE, and the Third Coast Kings), and communal good cheer (everybody...

Marching towards FoolMoon + FestiFools 2011

Without a moment to spare — I mean, a weekend of Foolishness kicks off TOMORROW NIGHT! — I am finally ready to unveil my annual, behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at the making of FestiFools. Given that FestiFools is now celebrating its fifth anniversary, our Foolish friends have seen fit keep the Foolish...
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