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Ice Dancing Champs Visit Ann Arbor

Ice Dancing Champs Visit Ann Arbor | Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Who are these mysterious people?

Last week, I had the good fortune to photograph a pair of young, talented, and accomplished athletes named Tessa and Scott. What’s wild is that I had no idea of just how talented and accomplished they were (because busy me couldn’t find all of 30 seconds to Google them). Also, I nearly declined the project because I only work with individuals on headshot/publicity photos — not with couples or groups. Thankfully, Tessa’s mother Kate, who had contacted me, was very patient and persistent, and she gave me the URL to Tessa and Scott’s official website. Here I learned two important pieces of information that convinced me I had to photograph them: Tessa’s favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn, and her favorite TV show is “Flight of the Conchords.” Audrey is also my favorite actress, and I had just recently discovered FOTC (on DVD) and become completely smitten with the show.

So Bret and Jemaine, you guys (unwittingly) played a pivotal role in my not turning down the chance to photograph a couple of lovely people, who also happen to be likely medal winners at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Whodathunkit? Chaos theory strikes again!

Kate did tell me that her daughter, Tessa Virtue, and her ice dancing partner, Scott Moir, are Canadian National Champions and that they won the silver medal at the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships (in Göteborg, Sweden). But it just didn’t register — “Hello!” It wasn’t until after meeting and photographing Tessa and Scott that I finally Googled them. It’s one thing to hear they won a silver medal, but it’s an entirely different thing to watch the routines that earned them that silver. The streaming-video quality is poor, but I still get goose bumps watching it (videos: compulsory dance | free dance). Takes me straight back to my childhood daydreams of wishing I was a princess on ice.

Tessa (19) and Scott (21) have been skating together since they were 7 and 9 years old, respectively. Only two years ago, they won a gold medal in the Junior World Championships. Last year, they finished 6th in their World Championship debut. This year, they became one of the youngest pairs — ever! — to win a medal at the Worlds. Très cool.

How did they find me? By surfing the Web, looking for photographers near Canton, Michigan. If you’re wondering why Canton, then apparently I’m not the last one to learn that just down the road from here, a couple of amazing Russian ice skating coaches, Igor Shpilband and Marina Zoueva, coach world-class figure skaters — you are.

I look forward to getting to know Tessa and Scott better, and watching their already impressive skating careers continue to flourish.

Ice Dancing Champs Visit Ann Arbor | Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Run into these two in an alley? You’ll want to get an autograph.
Ice Dancing Champs Visit Ann Arbor | Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
They are as sweet as they are stunning.
Ice Dancing Champs Visit Ann Arbor | Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Ice Dancing Champs Visit Ann Arbor | Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
The judges gave them high scores for synchronized bubbles. | Love their beautiful smiles.

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Absolutely STUNNING! The bubble gum shot is so awesome! I love them all so much.

#1 Erin

took my breath away!

#2 Katie

I’m a long time fan of Tessa and Scott! They are quite a stunning pair even off the ice and your photography captured their loveliness just perfectly. Simply beautiful.

#3 Sharon

AWESOME pics of two very stunning, talented athletes!

#4 susan gray

Wow what a gorgeous pair and beautiful photos!

#5 Angela

Amazing photos- I absolutely love bubbles- so fun and fresh! :)

#6 Candy

I’ve followed Tessa and Scott’s ice-dancing careers for a while and have become a Huge fan. These pictures are incredibly Beautiful! What a treat for all of us that you didn’t turn them down.

#7 Laura A.

What stunning photos – how lucky they are to have found you!

#8 robyn

Myra – these are stunning! The light is just gorgeous.. love the one with the sunglasses and bubble gum. So fun!

#9 Mimi

Stunning work, Myra. What a beautiful pair they are and what a phenomenal job you did capturing their essence. They must be thrilled to pieces.

#10 Kim

Awesome photos. So crisp and clear. I hope you possibly work with them more as they grow up and change. They are my newest (well, newer as I discovered them 7 years ago) obsession on ice. They are absolutely breathtaking.

#11 Jannet

Myra, your photos are wonderful! I love Tessa & Scott, and your photos really capture their personalities and charm. Regards, Carol

#12 Carol Derby Gauthier

WOW! The pictures are as stunning as their work. I watched the video links in amazement. You captured them perfectly Myra!

#13 laurel

Beautiful pics of a beautiful pair of athletes. AND,Yes you are looking at the 2010 Olympic GOld-Medalists in Ice-Dancing, from Canada!

#14 wendy brigham

Just beautiful! Amazing photos. I sincerely hope you work with them again.

#15 Julia

These are gorgeous pictures and I love these two skaters!

#16 Kirsten

I am totally, undoubtedly, pathetically IN LOVE with these two. Classically beautiful, outrageously talented, and now OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALISTS! Take as many pictures of them as possible!

#17 Stephanie

I cant wait for them to come to our school to say hello :) Our teacher is married to Tessa’s Brother!

#18 Mrs. Moir (lol)

Wonderful! It’s difficult to express my love for them. I sincerely hope you work with them again,also.

#19 Night

They are just make me jeloussss

#20 harry surabaya

I’ve watched their performances over and over again online at the 2010 Olympics and this pair were mesmerizing. Such dynamic poetry. I was so happy to see that you captured the playfulness and character in your photos so well.

#21 SmarTodd

We just love this couple. They are two beautiful people and well deserving of the gold medal. My daughter saw your photographs of them and called me to see them. They are gorgeous. I know it is said that they are not romantically involved but there is such chemistry between them. Since they are only 20 and 22, we will see them win many more gold medals.

#22 Maureen

I love you pictures of Tessa and Scott. They’re AMAZING!

#23 sarah

More great pics, lucky you to know them and capture the shots!

#24 Jim Perry--- Vancouver

:) love these!

#25 Rena

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