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FestiFools 2012

Irony: After a Foolish weekend steeped in “Language: The Human Quintessence,” I find myself utterly lacking … whaddaya call them things? … oh yeah, words. So we’ll let the photos do most of the talking. Honestly, I normally like to say more but I’m still catching my breath from the...

FestiFools 2011

If you’ll endulge me, I’d like to open my remarks today by quoting the ever-eloquent FestiFools Q. Public (on Twitter): A2 Fools are BEST! Mother Nature threw us a curve ball today, but we (to mix a metaphor) made lemonade out of it. Bravo! Yes, the weather was a major factor in...

FestiFools 2010

Where did that preciously Foolish hour go? FestiFools came and went far too quickly this year. Even though I was utterly spent by 5pm — as were numerous others, especially those carrying puppets — there were so many more moments I wished I’d captured. Alas, that is the nature of...

FestiFools 2009

FestiFools 2009 is, as the movie moguls say, “in the can.” It was totally wicked great — and only slightly moist (which, judging by the giddy expressions I saw up and down Main St., didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits). There’s so much to show and tell that we’d better cut...

FestiFools 2008

Wow! FestiFools 2008 was completely, totally, utterly, absolutely, wicked awesome! Giant puppets marauding on Main Street; throngs of volunteers and spectators jumping, dancing, clapping, and shouting “Wahoo!”; Groove beating on buckets and ladders; clowns and music-makers clowning and making music (respectively); Zoltan posing mind-boggling koans; lots of happy faces; plenty...

FestiFools April 1st Parade

FestiFools 2008 is scheduled for Sunday, April 6, at 4pm (Fools at Four!). For updates and information about how you can be involved in the process to create the magnificent street creatures, visit the Street Theater Art website. Backstory Being a Burns Park Player means having the pleasure of working with very...
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