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FutureStars 2014

Main text and captions by Ciara Stella Linden Pioneer Theatre Guild has done it again: FutureStars 2014 was a roaring success! The Ann Arbor talent pool seems to be bottomless. This year some brilliant students returned even more polished, and new students with incredible musical and dance gifts emerged. The evening...

FutureStars 2013

While at the fourth preliminary competition (Saturday, Jan. 12), I kept thinking that I was actually at the finals — I mean, the show was that polished! Unsurprisingly, the finals completely sold out well ahead of the event (get your sleeping bag ready for next year). What makes the FutureStars production...

FutureStars 2012

FutureStars 2012 celebrated its Tenth Anniversary in a big way. There was just an incredible level of energy — the kids performed their hearts out! I mean, it was a take-no-prisoners kinda deal. You dig? And on top of all the enormous talent (which inexplicably seems to multiply exponentially from one...

FutureStars 2011

Once again, color me blown away. Not just by the performances and the production values (lots of great effects!), but also by how much the community supports this event. Tickets, which were available online, sold out quickly. The house crew worked feverishly to locate seats to accommodate everyone. FutureStars 2011 was...

FutureStars 2010

FutureStars 2010 was an extraordinary event that so totally exceeded my already high expectations, especially in terms of showmanship. And I’m sorry, but you had to be there — if you were lucky enough to get tickets, that is. Long gone are the days when the Pioneer Theatre Guild had...

FutureStars 2009

This year, FutureStars was — even more — energizing, oozing with talent, spectacular. It astounds me how this annual production keeps getting better. This year’s competition was “district wide,” meaning that talent from Huron, Community, and Skyline added their magic to the mix. FutureStars 2009 was masterfully directed by U-M School...

FutureStars 2008

The Pioneer Theatre Guild once again surpassed my already high expectations. I don’t know how they do it, but we’re all fortunate that they do. FutureStars 2008 took place on Saturday, January 19th, and was an event not to be missed. Bonus! I got to hear and meet guest band...
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