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Fashion Shoot: Elephant Ears in Kerrytown (Fall 2008)

Fashion Shoot: Elephant Ears in Kerrytown (Fall 2008) | Plans to shoot around downtown Ann Arbor were rained out. But my studio was warm and dry, and full of sun-shiny kids!
Plans to shoot around downtown Ann Arbor were rained out. But my studio was warm and dry, and full of sun-shiny kids!

What do you do when you’ve scheduled 10 adorable kids for a September fashion shoot in the picturesque alleyways of downtown Ann Arbor, and it’s pouring rain? You duck inside and run up the stairs to my studio — conveniently located just above Mongolian Barbeque on Main Street.

Fortunately, the weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. In fact, the kids really seemed to love being on “stage,” with my studio lighting freezing their jubilant action. The Elephant Ears outfits gave the kids creative license to play and express themselves freely. Many thanks to all of the families for being so flexible and enthusiastic about this project.

You can view large photos of the kids (and racks overflowing with gorgeous children’s clothing) on display at Elephant Ears, located on the 2nd floor of Kerrytown Market & Shops (tel: 734.622.9580).


  • Weekdays: 10am–6pm
  • Saturdays: 9am–5pm
  • Sundays: noon–5pm

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Ohmigosh Myra, these are adorable! I just love them!

#1 Robin Cook

The CUTENESS! It is almost unbearable. Really. This site should come with a warning or something.

So great! I love them! You really captured their personalities.

#3 theresa

I’m a photographer in Michigan and just wanted to let you know that I love your work…I think I may have met you or possibly spoke with you approximately a year ago when my daughter was modeling at the Cheryl Muhr workshop in Flint. It was her birthday and she had hives all over. Poor girl! I probably told you then just how talented I think you are and I guess I felt it was time to reiterate ;)

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