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Catching Up with Selma Café

It’s been a couple of years since I last blogged about Selma Café. In case you don’t already know, Selma Café is a weekly breakfast fundraising party that happens every Friday morning in the home of Lisa Gottlieb. Each week a different guest chef makes breakfast for 200-250 guests, using ingredients...

Happy 1st Birthday Selma Café: February 19, 2010

Selma’s 1st birthday was the perfect occasion for me to treat myself, after missing this breakfast goodness for many, many months. (Naturally, I brought my trusty Nikon along.) It was a sweet reunion, and I was delighted to see so many of my favorite familiar faces. I was also amazed...

Hoop House Dreams

Follow the money! Friday Mornings @ Selma — everyone’s favorite breakfast salon that’s too legit to quit — has so far raised nearly $15,000. So where’s it going? Most of it is being loaned out this month to two small, local farmers in a novel currency: hoop houses. What what? A...

Selma Café: April 24, 2009

This morning at Selma was EPIC. Let’s do the numbers: 1 man — as in “the Man” — dropped by to personally serve notice upon Jeff and Lisa regarding their out-of-compliance chickens. Apparently, they have one more chicken than the law will allow, and they keep them in a location that’s...

Selma Café: March 27, 2009

75 diners had the “Selma experience” this Friday. That’s 20 more than last week’s record of 55. I believe that word is getting out — and fast! It’s been a great pleasure to introduce my friends to Selma. One confessed to me that she felt “awkward about just showing up...

Selma Café: March 20, 2009

Rico and I had the last-minute idea to bring a very special mystery guest to Selma Café this morning — a certain man-about-town who happened to be off from school today. I’m referring to none other than the redoubtable Max. He was way into the scene — sharing his Simpsons...

Selma Café: March 13, 2009

I met up with friends today at Selma for a very quick breakfast (I wedged it into a miniscule time-slot between getting Max off to school and a special, cannot-and-would-not-miss event at his school.) My plan was, I’d take a few shots before my friends arrived and then put the...

Selma Café: March 6, 2009

After being online for nearly 18 months, it’s high time this blog got around to covering a food-related event — I mean, it’s called “Relish,” right? So let me start with something über-cool: Selma Café. The best way to learn about this “breakfast salon” is to just show up on a...
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