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Pioneer Theatre Guild: Wizard of Oz


The dress rehearsal for the spring musical was held during a very busy time in my schedule, and I thank Brad Orr for coming out to shoot it with me. We worked very well as a team — he shot from stage right with a lens that could fit most of the stage, and I shot from stage left with a slightly telephoto lens for close-ups. This made for a nice range of shots (and neither of us ran ragged). I look forward to shooting with Brad again in the future!

Complete set of low-resolution shots by both Brad and me on the Guild’s website.

Visit Pioneer Theatre Guild Show Dates to learn about upcoming produtions.

Pioneer Theatre Guild: Wizard of Oz
Pioneer Theatre Guild: Wizard of Oz
Pioneer Theatre Guild: Wizard of Oz
Pioneer Theatre Guild: Wizard of Oz
Pioneer Theatre Guild: Wizard of Oz

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Are there archive videos available from 2005 and before? Plays and Future Stars?

#1 Yael Ganet

Hi Yael,

The Pioneer Theatre Guild website has photo collections of past shows before 2005 (taken by other photographers/students/parents).


#2 Myra

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